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Stay Cool, Exercise Outdoors

Treadmills and stationary bikes are so yesterday.

In case you hadn't heard, it is warming up outside! Time to toss aside indoor activities and enjoy some fresh air while exercising. Whether you ride a bicycle to burn calories or your jam is jogging, you'll find yourself working out longer if you are able to stay cooler.

I don't know about you, but sweat dripping in my eyes is one of the most annoying aspects of hot-weather exercise. A cooling headband takes care of this plus keeps your noggin chilled. Just soak the Perfect Fitness Cooling Headband in cool water, wring it out and place the headband on your head for maximum cooling and moisture absorption. For a more customizable fit, the Radians Arctic Skull Cooling Headband not only ties in place, but the headband is constructed out of flexible Spandex for your comfort. As you jog, air moves through the headband, removing sweat and heat, so you stay cool.

Looking for convenient cooling under your bike helmet? The Mission VaporActive Cooling Skull Cap Helmet Liner is your ticket to a dry workout. If you find yourself having trouble snugging down a liner under your helmet, check out the Headsweats Elite Icefil Shorty. It has a tab at the back for you to grasp and pull down to create a better fit. Helmet liners are versatile products; they can be used under football helmets, hockey helmet, or even motorcycle helmets, keeping your head sweat-free and protecting the helmet from sweat's damaging salts.

Looking for a bit more head protection from the sun when out running in the hot sun? A cap with a brim keeps the rays out of your eyes, but a cap with a brim and a neck cover keeps your neck from turning lobster red! Check out the Ergodyne Chill-Its 6650 High Performance Hat With Neck Shade in 2 eye-popping safety high-viz colors or the Headsweats ProTech Race Hat in subtle white. Both caps allow you to tuck the neck shade away when not needed, in addition to providing sweat-management and cooling properties.

A cool drink of water is always welcome when exercising outside. Nathan Hydration makes a number of helpful backpacks, belts, handhelds, and water bottles to fit any workout need. I think my favorite water bottle is the Lunatec Aquabot. Grab a drink of cool water or mist your face! A water fight with a fellow exerciser isn't out of the question either, with the Aquabot's 25-foot water spray ability.

When you are done with your run or have hopped off the bike, cool down and dry off with a cooling towel. Simply wet down the AlphaCool PVA Instant Cooling Towel and enjoy the air-cooling in a jiffy.

Now that you've gone outdoors and enjoyed a good workout, take the time to appreciate a tasty treat!

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