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A Healthier You In The New Year

Ready to begin exercising this year? Get out of the gym and into the fresh air with heated apparel! The air is crisp, and the sidewalks and nature trails are empty.

Keep your head and ears warm. The ActionHeat 5V Battery Beanie has heating elements over both ears and is made from stretchy fabric for a close fit. So comfy! Don’t need the extra heating? Heat Holders Thermal Hats for men and women combines an outer knit fabric with a plush interior that traps the heat inside.

Don’t forget your hands and fingers. The consolidation of a heated glove liner with an outer mitt of the FNDN 3.7v Liner Gloves with Mitt is an ideal solution of how to handle frigid fingertips. Plus, there is the added benefit of using the heated glove liners with gloves or mittens of your own choosing. Need less heat? The Grabber Sweater Fleece Gloves and HotHands Heated Fleece Gloves/Mittens both use chemical warmers (sold separately) to warm your hands for hours.

Your toes are susceptible to frostbite, especially in lightweight, ventilated running shoes. Keep your tootsies warm with ActionHeat 5v Battery or ActionHeat 3.7v Battery Socks. The 5v Socks provide heat on the sole of the foot, while the 3.7v Socks have the heating panels at the top of the toes. This lets you decide where you want to concentrate the heat. Either way, your daily walk can be longer, since you won’t have to head back indoors to thaw your digits.

In extreme conditions, your core needs help, too. Choose 7.4v base top and pants layers for the harsher conditions, or 5v base layers for when it is simply miserable outside. (I’ll let you in on a little secret: I like to wear my ActionHeat 5v Base Layer Top inside, even when I’m done with my walk. The heat across my shoulders and upper chest is very relaxing and soothing!).

With heated gear, you will find there is no need to hit the gym’s treadmill this winter. With a little bit of warmth, you can enjoy the Great Outdoors all year round and keep your New Year Resolutions. Here’s to your health!

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