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Basking In The Post-Holiday Glow

You received the best gift ever this holiday season: heated apparel. Now what?

Whether given as a gift or gifted to yourself, heated products are always a thoughtful present. But there are a couple of steps we recommend you take before using this item.

First, try on the garment. Does it fit? If the gift uses a battery or batteries, read all of the instructions and pop them in their respective pockets. Does the item still fit and more importantly, do you like the color and style? Now is the time to exchange for a different size/color/style of heated apparel.

Next, charge the batteries up overnight. Give them an 8-hour charging session at the very least (or longer, the instructions should be your guide). Plug the batteries into the garment and turn on the heat.

Woo! You should be feeling the warmth now! Try out the different settings now, so you can easily change the temperature settings later. If you have spare batteries, now is the time to charge them, so you’ll be ready for hours of heating when wanted.

Not happy with the item? Gather up all the boxes and packing materials and pack it up for an exchange. Call or email customer service, fill out any paperwork necessary for your exchange, then mail the carefully wrapped box back. Then sit back and get ready to receive a gift you’ll enjoy—the gift of warmth!

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