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Battery Heated Outerwear Buyers Guide

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Battery heated clothing is a relatively new world in the clothing industry. We understand that with ever-expanding offerings from many different manufacturers, making a purchase can be a daunting task. Our heated clothing experts have gathered their many years of expertise and feedback from customers and compiled it all into this handy guide for those unfamiliar with all that is heated clothing. Battery heated clothing offers many ways to keep warm in the cold. From base layers that are like heated long underwear to heated outer layers such as battery-heated puffer jackets, the best garment depends on the individual buying it. We hope that the information contained in this article will help you navigate the heated clothing world and find the perfect heated garment solution for your individual needs.

Heated Base Layers

Battery heated base layers work like long underwear or low-profile vest liners. They produce heat and help to hold in the heat, while all the layers you wear over the base layers insulate and trap the heat. Most base layer shirts have heating elements in the chest and back. Pants usually locate panels in the lower back and thigh area. These base layers, being closest to the skin, will offer the most noticeable heat production when used properly with outer layers.

Actionheat 5V Battery Heated Base Layer Shirt & Pants – Also available in Women's Shirt and Women's Pants. The ActionHeat battery heated base layers are revolutionary in the world of heated clothing. Using patented 5V signal technology allows for any 5V battery to be used with the ActionHeat base layers. No longer tied to one brand's battery, now you have unlimited battery options! The ActionHeat base layers come with a powerful 5V 6000mah Power Bank. This power bank powers your garment and can also charge your phone, tablet, or any USB-charged device. ActionHeat empowers you to stay warm and enjoy outdoor winter activities longer than ever before!

Volt 7V Battery Heated Tactical Base Layer Shirt – This lightweight garment will not only provide you with soothing heat but also wicks away moisture and keeps you dry making the Volt Base Layer Shirt the perfect base layer choice. The Volt Tactical Shirt is constructed from micro-polyester/Spandex material with a brushed fleece lining that contributes to making it a comfortable fit. The Zero Layer heating system uses two 7V heating panels that concentrate heat to the middle of your back, keeping your core warm and provides over 170 degrees of soothing heat on high for 3.5 hours and up to 15 hours on the lowest setting.

Mobile Warming Ion Shirt & Pant and Primer Shirt & Pant – Mobile Warming has been in the garment game for a long time. They are pioneers of innovation and quality products. Their new offerings in the base layer category are as awesome as we have come to expect. Touch button control is great…unless the button is located underneath layers. That’s why these base layers from

Mobile Warming are now Bluetooth enabled! On top of that, both the shirt and pant base layers are anti-microbial and anti-static. They’re also super comfortable.

Heated Vests

Heated vests continue to be a bestseller at The Warming Store due to their functional versatility. Vests can be used as an outer layer on a crisp autumn night, or you can use it as an inner layer under an unheated coat when spending some extended time outside during winter's chill. Like to keep your heating bill low at home? Toss on a heated vest! With the choice of fleece, softshell, or puffer, you can select the most appropriate garment that will meet your heating needs.

ActionHeat Vests – ActionHeat is proud to offer two styles of vests to the garment market. They carry a softshell vest in both men’s and women’s sizes that is perfect for layering. If you’re looking for something a bit more stylish with some insulating value, look no further than the ActionHeat men’s and women’s Puffer Vest. This vest is wonderful for fall and early spring hikes, bird watching, bike rides, or really any you want to ward off the chill. They are powered using ActionHeat’s 6000mh 5v USB battery, meaning that any battery bank will power these vests.

Mobile Warming Vests – Mobile Warming also has heated vests in a variety of styles and cuts. Mobile Warming is the only company to offer a rugged cotton canvas work vest: the Foreman. This jacket uses a very powerful 12V battery which provides incredible heat output. Also worth looking at is their Endeavor Puffer Vest that uses a similar 12V battery and features Bluetooth technology. Keep an eye out on what Mobile Warming has to offer, as they frequently make improvements and update their stellar line of products.

Heated Jackets

Battery-heated jackets are a great option when looking for relief from the bitter cold. Much like the heated vest, most heated jackets will feature heating elements in the chest and back. Jackets come in several varieties. Chances are we have what you’re looking for! Here are a few of our favorites.

ActionHeat – Our favorite brand offers a plethora of outerwear to suit your styles. Check out their Women’s Hooded Puffer Coat, stylish Flannel Shirt, rugged Work Jacket, and sleek Softshell Jacket. One of these is sure to fit your lifestyle.

Mobile Warming – Mobile Warming continues to set the bar for heated jackets and coats. The duck cloth Foreman Jacket might be the warmest garment we sell. Be sure to check out all of their new Bluetooth enabled clothing including the incredible 12V Ridge Puffer Jacket.

Gobi Heat – Formerly known as Dragon Heatwear, Gobi’s jackets, vests, and coats are a stylish addition to the brands we carry. Gobi Heat’s zone garments have a series of smaller heating panels located throughout the garment. They really deliver on their promise to “Harness the Heat of the Desert.”

Ororo – Ororo is all about getting folks outside again, despite the weather. Their jackets are as hardcore as you and come with a very interesting 7.4V battery that charges quickly using USB-C.

Torch 2.0 – The Torch 2.0 Universal Coat Heating System turns your favorite jacket into a heated jacket. This is one of the most brilliant products that we carry. It’s a set of modular heating panels that Velcro into any jacket or coat. This product is a great way to give a favorite jacket that you already own the added boost it needs in the depths of December.

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