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The Warming Store's Heated Glove Guide

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Here at The Warming Store, we are asked daily "Which heated gloves do you wear?" and our typical response is "Depends on what we are doing!"  We’ve decided to make a nice and easy guide to our heated glove selection.  We know it can be daunting to choose between our selection of hundreds of heated gloves, so we will simplify things for you! We will guide you through gloves, mittens, and glove liners.

The Basics: We sell hundreds of heated gloves and mittens varying in price, quality, and features. Premium gloves will heat the fingers and thumb, basic gloves will have a panel that heats the top of the hand. What glove is right for you depends on your wants, needs, and budget. Looking for motorcycle-specific gear? We’ve got you covered with that as well!

Entry Level Gloves and Mitts

These affordable gloves and mitts give your hands extra oomph on days when you need it.

ActionHeat AA Gloves and Mitts – ­­These come in 3 varieties. Fleece, Textile, and Mitten. They heat on demand using standard AA batteries. Expect heat to last about 4 hours. The ActionHeat AA Textile Glove is our best-selling heated glove. These gloves have a heat panel on the top of the hand that is designed to radiate heat throughout your glove. Looking for a rechargeable option? These AA gloves are compatible with ActionHeat’s 3V Battery Kit. No more searching for fresh throw-away batteries!

Global Vasion Gloves – This is an economical yet high-quality heated glove. The Vasion also uses AA batteries and a single heating panel. These gloves wick moisture away from your hand but are water resistant on the outside. They won’t let you down!

Mid-Level Gloves

Count on these gloves to heat all the way to the tips of your fingers. Perfect for folks with Reynaud’s, hikers, birders, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Mobile Warming Barra Gloves – Originally a glove designed for motorcycle use, the Barra 7.4V Heated Gloves are sure to keep your digits hot. These gloves ship with Mobile Warming's split cell battery which sits balanced on your wrist. The Barra features a waterproof hybrid shell of synthetic and goatskin leather. It’s a rugged glove that outperforms its price range.

Volt Tatra Gloves – This heavy-duty nylon glove is durable, waterproof, and flexible. Volt gloves utilize a proprietary 7V battery that sits on the top of your wrist. The Tatra Glove heats all your fingers, your thumb, and both sides of your hand. Volt is not messing around!

ActionHeat Snow Gloves – These 5V gloves have a sturdy leather palm and a sleek textile outer shell. Perfect for adventures on the slopes or winning your neighborhood snowball fight.

Gerbing Featherweight Gloves – The Featherweight Glove by Gerbing is somewhere in between a liner and a glove. The heating filaments are located closer to the skin, which helps with circulation. If you need heat but not the insulating bulk, then the Featherweight are a perfect choice.

Premium Performance Gloves

These gloves are considered the best of the best. The finest materials, the hottest heat, and the best battery life. These are great for skiers, mountain hikers, longshoremen, and anyone the demands the best. These gloves tend to cost more but also outperform all other heated glove options. They all feature superior insulation and waterproof membranes.

Outdoor Research Capstone Gloves – A Warming Store Staff favorite. Outdoor Research gloves have a lifetime warranty. The Capstone Glove features premium Primaloft insulation and a Gore-Tex waterproof insert. They are also touchscreen compatible. We find these gloves to be incredibly warm, very comfortable, and extremely durable. These gloves have a double battery capacity, meaning they last twice as long as other heated gloves. We can’t say enough good about the Capstone.

Zanier Aviator Gloves – The Aviator Gloves also offer double battery capacity, Primaloft insulation, and a Gore-Tex liner. These gloves were designed for use in the paragliding world, thus the name. As a result, they are not only very warm, but also offer reinforced fingers for added strength. Many consider this glove to be the best heated glove ever made.

Hestra Power Gloves – Hestra’s renowned ski gloves are now heated. Featuring a waterproof membrane and windproof Flextron polyamide and leather, Hestra has designed these gloves to be perfect for skiers.

Seirus Hellfire Gloves– Seirus makes some seriously good gloves. As good as their standard gloves are, you can expect that the Hellfire Heated Gloves are among the best heated gloves available.

Mobile Warming Blizzard Gloves – Priced a little bit lower than its higher-end counterparts, the Blizzard Gloves are still awesome. Mobile Warming has been leading the way in heated apparel for years, and these first-rate leather gloves are no different. They feature Mobile Warning’s balanced split cell battery, tough goatskin leather, and a waterproof membrane. The Blizzard Gloves outperform their price point and will keep you warm.

ActionHeat Premium Gloves – This 5V USB-powered glove is new on the market, but already making waves. The Premium Gloves have a perfectly balanced fit and are not bulky. They pump out the heat as well as any of their competitors. If you’re looking for the best balance between price and quality, then these gloves are your pick. The ActionHeat Premium Glove utilizes a waterproof HiPora membrane, Thinsulate insulation, and waterproof pocket for the USB rechargeable batteries. It’s ready for hours of outdoor fun.

Glove Liners

Glove liners are a personal favorite with many of the staff at The Warming Store. They’re exactly what they sound like they are, a slim-fitting heated glove made to fit inside of an existing mitt or glove. If you work outdoors and need warm hands, a heated glove liner is indispensable. Without a glove layered over the heated liner, the liner will still heat but won’t hold the heat. Heated glove liners are the perfect mix of functionality, dexterity, and ruggedness.

ActionHeat Glove Liner – These glove liners are the perfect mix of thin material with the right amount of heat. Like all other ActionHeat products, they use a 5 Volt USB rechargeable battery.

Mobile Warming Glove Liner – Mobile Warming has continually set the standard in heated gear. These glove liners are a bit thicker than others, but they heat up nicely. They also feature Mobile Warming’s balanced split-cell battery. Mobile Warming also makes a glove liner and work glove combination. Perfect for those in the trades who must work outside or those who choose to work hard despite the cold. Check them out!

FNDN Skin-Fit Glove Liner – The Skin Fit are the thinnest glove liners on the market as well as the most affordable. If you suffer from Raynaud’s, you’ll appreciate how close the heat is to your digits. They are also perfect to wear underneath work gloves.


Mittens are the warmest option you have when it comes to heating your hands. For some, mittens stir up bad memories of childhood, being bundled up like the little brother in A Christmas Story. Mitts allow your four fingers to not only soak in the heat but also keep each other warm, like a group hug. (Sorry, thumb!) Heated mittens offer huge benefits on the frozen tundra, on the trails, or on the slopes. Below are our favorites.

Motorcycle Heated Gloves

Powersport heated gloves run off your motorcycle, snowmobile, or ATV battery. Moto gear is an interesting topic that I encourage you to check out right here. But first, here are a couple of standout heated gloves for the riders.

Mobile Warming Dual Power – Both the previously mentioned Barra Glove and Glove Liner come in a 12V version.

Gerbing EX Pro Gloves – Gerbing has been making 12V gear for a long time. The Ex Pro Heated Gloves are a classic in the industry. They won’t let you down.

California Heat Leather Gloves – California Heat’s durable leather offering.

California Heat SportFlexx Gloves – Somewhere in between liner and glove, the SportFlexx is a nice flexible glove for fall and spring. Stay on your bike longer!

Milwaukee Leather 7V and 12V Gloves – The most unique heated moto glove we carry. This glove uses 12V on the bike and a small 7V battery when you’ve reached your destination.

Volt Moto Leather Gloves – The Volt Moto Gloves are constructed out of durable and abrasion-resistant cowhide. These are some of the toughest motorcycling gloves that we carry.

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Mar 24, 2020

I like to post a review about that company, I am very pleased. I ordered for my husband who is sick a pair of house shoes with heating element in, due to his high span he did not fit in. I send them back and 2 days later I had my refund. Way to go , I bought a chair from a furniture store in High Point the screws came through the leather, brought back still waiting for my refund.

Thank you so much .

Walter Weber

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