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Zap Those Outdoor Pests!

Nothing is more irritating than enjoying some rest and respite in the comfort of your backyard and suddenly...ugh! Dang bugs!

Don't be caught with your guard down! You don't want to be caught scrambling for mosquito, wasp, and other pest relief. Have these products at the ready, and you'll be everyone's hero.

Passive Pest Control

There are several ways to hold outdoor pests as bay without electricity or chemicals. The easiest are mesh screens. Put up a mesh screen on your garage door opening, and sit inside in comfort. Mesh single and mesh double garage doors let in air and sunlight while keeping out the bugs. Your garage is your getaway, enjoy it more with an affordable screen door. If you have an umbrella table, a mesh screen is a handy way to enjoy your meals outdoors without inviting all the flying insects to join in your activities. The screen easily closes with a zipper and is available in multiple sizes. Take the protection of mesh with you as you work on your backyard's garden or landscaping with a mesh screen that pops over your hat. You'll have to supply your own hat, of course. Mesh head nets protect both your head and your neck, and you can decide if you want to tuck the mesh into your shirt collar to extend the biting insect protection. There's even a head net that has a spring hoop encased in the mesh to keep the mesh away from your face.

Active Pest Control

There is nothing as active as swatting at pests, and a bug zapper racquet turns decimating those bugs into a fun challenge. Throw in a couple of your AA batteries and whack away! Electronic bug traps are probably the most popular way of removing flying pests. They are available in many different styles, sizes, and price points. Some products attract the bugs using a black light and optional chemical attractant, then zap them using an electrical grid and let the now-dead insects fall to the ground below. Others use water or carbon dioxide (what we exhale in our breath) in addition to ultraviolet lighting to lure the nasties to their ultimate death. Want a low-key killer? A wall scone-style insect trap is unobtrusive and effective. Flies and other light-sensitive flying insects are attracted to the ultraviolet light and lure pheromones and are eliminated silently when they come in contact with the large capacity adhesive board. When the adhesive is full, just pop in a fresh board for continued protection.

Don't let the threat of biting insects and annoying swarms of bugs ruin your enjoyment of your time spent out-of-doors in your backyard. Fight back by being prepared with your arsenal of insect-repelling traps and nets.

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