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Best Heated Clothing Gift Ideas

Ho Ho Cold! Giving the gift of warmth this holiday season will make you the MVP of presents and Mom’s favorite child. We’ll reveal the best gifts in heated clothing, so you save time shopping and look like a champ.

Let’s start with an item that you can’t see but is certain to put a big smile on the face of the recipient: heated base layers. Like long johns, but better. Heated base layers provide warmth directly to the body and when worn with a mid-layer or a jacket, the heat is trapped better and longer. I like FDND’s Skin-Fit Base Layer because it features both a heated hood and heated hands in addition to the large heating panels along the back. If a heated hood isn’t necessary, the ActionHeat 5V Base Layer Top warms the entire torso with 3 levels of heating. Pair the top with a pair of base layer pants for all-over happiness.

Do you have giftees who constantly complain about cold hands and feet? Heated gloves, socks, and slippers are the ticket! Gerbing Gyde S7 Heated Gloves for women provide warmth to the fingers and are touchscreen-compatible, so there is no need to remove the glove to text or answer the phone. Heated socks, such as the Terramar 9V Battery Heated Socks, keep the toes toasty. For house-bound recipients, heated slippers are wonderful. The Volt Gen 4 Slippers are easy to slip on, thanks to the side zipper, and the slipper sole allows for treks outside to grab the mail.

Is there a skier in the family? The Gobi Epic Heated Gloves live up to their name with warmth all the way down to the fingertips. Or do they thrash the slopes on a snowboard? Then the Gobi Shift Snowboard Heated Jacket will bring a smile to their face as they tackle the powder.

Got a motorcyclist in mind? Then head straight to the Gerbing 12V Jacket Liner. The moto head in your life will never stop thanking you for this gift of heat and longer rides. If they already own a Gerbing liner, then they will appreciate accessories, like the 12V Battery Pack, Dual Portable Temp Controller or Panel Mounted Port. My husband has this port on each of his bikes, eliminating the maze of cables. Giving the gift of Gerbing this year is an easy choice.

Maybe there are no motorcyclists in your life but there are hunters, instead. The cold can make the wait for game miserable and cause a lost shot, so keep them warm for safety’s sake! Heated gloves are great but can interfere when using the trigger, so the Volt 5V Heated Hand Warmer is a great solution. Worn under regular hunting socks, the Volt 3V Rechargeable Sock Liner will make standing in a duck blind for hours more comfortable.

Don’t forget your favorite pooch! Dogs with little body fat such as the greyhound or tiny ones like a Maltese or teacup poodle need to wear a coat when it’s cold outside. Wrap that puppy in a Mobile Warming Rover Heated Coat for a happier walk. No more unwillingness to go outside when it’s time to get down to business!

The next couple of suggestions are not heated apparel per se but will keep the recipient warm still. I have my eye on giving them as gifts myself. No peeking, Mom! First is the Rechargeable Electric Water Bottle. I did not know these existed until recently, and now I know I need one for me and everyone I love. You don’t even need to fill it with water! Just plug it in, the water bottle heats up automatically and when ready and hot, unhook the power cord and take the long-lasting, soothing heat wherever it is needed. Then when the heat has diminished, plug back it to reheat. Amazing! A second gift suggestion is for a box of HotHands warmers. Not just for hands, HotHands are air-activated packets of non-toxic natural ingredients. Available for the hands, toes, feet, and body, these little nuggets of goodness are ready to heat when you need it. Finally, gift certificates are a foolproof answer when you don’t know the recipient’s size or color preference, or if you just would like to let them pick out their favorites.

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus, or Treat Yo’ Self Day, there’s a warming product out there for you and your loved ones.

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