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Best Heated Jackets 2019

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Are heated jackets worth their price or are they all hype? We’ll review the best of 2019 and break down the advantages of staying warm, no matter the weather or your planned activity.

Roaring to the top of the list is Gerbing Gyde, with their 7V Khione Puffer Jacket, and for the ladies, the fleece Gerbing Gyde 7V Zenith Jacket. Mammoth heating panels in the chest and back gently warm all the rights spots with 4 levels of heat. The 7-volt battery easily charges, so you can quickly pop one in the battery pocket and head out the door.

Next up is the versatile Mobile Warming Dual Power Men's Heated Jacket for the moto heads out there. Plug the Dual Power Jacket into your motorcycle’s (or snowmobile’s) battery via the supplied harness for continual warmth at speed, then once you’ve reached your destination, unplug from the harness and hook up with the powerful 12-volt Lithium-Ion battery for off-bike activities. The Mobile Warming Dual Power Men's Heated Jacket doubles your bang for your buck.

Ravean brings fresh eyes to the softshell market with the Ravean Rugged Heated Work Jacket. We like the unique addition of thumbhole cuffs that also are heated, so you can have warm palms yet still have your fingers free. The 12-volt battery is zoned, so you get to control the level of heat in the torso and thumbhole cuffs separately. You’ll look forward to working outdoors again when you wear the Ravean Rugged Heated Work Jacket.

We are intrigued by the Milwaukee M12 Toughshell Heated Jacket as much for its good looks as for the REDLITHIUM cordless battery technology, straight from the workshop to your jacket. The Milwaukee M12 Jacket is also compatible with Milwaukee M18 battery packs, allowing you to use the most easily accessible battery at your job site.

We haven’t forgotten the outdoorsmen! Volt Heat’s 7V Camo Insulated Jacket lets you fade into your surroundings and stay warm, so you can take your shot in comfort. The stretch poly jacket shell allows for maximum flexibility in any position. Buy a couple of extra 7V batteries for all-day or night warmth.

Another contender for the outdoors contractor is the Gobi Heat Grit 5 Zone Workwear Jacket. Constructed with a tough duck cotton shell, the Grit is wind- and water-resistant. Add in 5 mammoth heating panels with up to 9 hours of continuous use and you have a winning cold-weather jacket that will make you the envy at any job site.

Commuting in winter for women just got more comfortable with the Gobi Heat Victoria 5 Zone Heated Jacket. The Victoria’s longer length keeps more of the heat inside and ready to warm you, while the athletic cut hugs your curves in all the right places. Pull up and cinch down the hood for the ultimate in snuggling happiness. Up to 10 hours of heat gets you to work and home again on one charge.

No best heated jacket list would be complete without powerhouse brand ActionHeat. We love the all-purpose adaptability of the men’s ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Jacket. The softshell exterior is perfect on its own for fall and spring, then when temps fall, throw on your favorite jacket and use the 5V Battery Heated Jacket as a mid-layer. The included 5V power bank also does double duty, powering both your softshell jacket and your tablet or phone via the USB port.

Finally, another option for the ladies in the ActionHeat 5V Long Puffer Heated Jacket with Hood. Like the ActionHeat men’s softshell 5V Battery Heated Jacket, the 5V Long Puffer for women included the long-lasting power bank that eliminates your need for multiple chargers for your USB devices. The longer length with drop front and back keeps wind intrusion at a minimum. Best of all is the faux fur-ringed hood, which adds a stylish and functional flourish to the ActionHeat Women’s Long Puffer Heated Jacket.

Winter is coming. Will you be ready? Add one of these top-rated heated jackets to your wardrobe and stay warm and happy.

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