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Don't Let A Little Rain Keep You Indoors

We're all a little tired of April and May showers!

As kids, I think a lot of us took pleasure tromping in rain puddles. (Sorry, Mom!). Somehow along the march of time, going out in the rain became a chore and not a delight. With a little preparation, wet weather won't stop you in your tracks.

Let's start at the top. The top of your head, that is. Slap on a Neoprene beanie from Stormr. It'll shed water and at the same time, keep your head warm. Want to keep the rain out of your eyes (if you wear glasses, this is a definite YES!)? Outdoor Research's Cloud Forest Rain Hat ticks all the boxes. Waterproof? Tick. Wide-brim? Tick. And when the sun comes back out, you'll really appreciate the dark fabric under the brim that will deflect the sunlight. No more squinting!

How about your feet? Walking around with wet feet can make you miserable, so stop the water intrusion with a pair of Muck Boots. Muck makes so many types, styles, and heights of rain-ready footwear, it's hard to choose just one. Besides, with a name like Muck, you know these boots are ready for whatever Nature throws at you! If you're not ready for a new pair of waterproof shoes, but can't stand the thought of squishy, wet socks, a pair of waterproof socks fit the bill. The DexShell Waterproof Wading In-Cuff Seal Socks are hard-core waterproof socks for folks who demand the best. Looking for more options in the height and thickness of a waterproof sock? Bridgedale makes several weights of water-impermeable socks and in several heights, too. You can pick the exact match for your needs, from slushy winter boot socks to lightweight summer hiking boot height.

Now that your feet are dry, what about your hands? The Hanz Chillblockers Gloves let you keep your grip even when your hands are sopping wet! If you'd like both dry and warm hands, the Volt Heat Titan 7V Waterproof Leather Heated Gloves are the solution. Best thing? They are available for Women, too! No more borrowing your sweeties' gloves! Undecided on which waterproof glove is best for you? Then check out the array of watertight gloves from Sealskinz. They have gloves for seemingly every activity.

What about keeping your stuff dry? It's no fun if the items you have with you are soaked. Dry bags to the rescue! Klymit makes a waterproof dry sack-style backpack with plenty of storage space inside and Molle straps on the outside to attach even more. Outdoor Research's wide variety of dry packs makes choosing the right waterproof bag easy, whether you need water protection for your clothes or electronic devices.

Next time the skies open up with rain, don't be caught off guard! Grab your waterproof gear and get out there. Don't forget to stomp in some puddles, too!

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