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Fashion First, Utility Second. How Heated Clothing Is Changing What We Wear.

We all have our favorite winter gear, right? We use it to walk the dog, go to a ball game, or commute to work. But most of the time, our favorite gear is too bulky to use on all occasions. That is where heated clothing comes in. Think about it; if you could wear your favorite ski jacket to your work event because it's 10 degrees outside and still look styling, wouldn't you? Of course, you would!

That's the goal... stay warm... look fashionable... and not wear a ton of bulk. Heated clothing allows you to wear fewer layers. Period.

The heated clothing category is rapidly moving from "utility" to "fashion". This trend started about five years ago by Gerbing and Volt Heat, two of the original heated clothing brands. Gerbing really focused on the details of the clothing, like updated YKK colored zippers, unique stitching styles, and a more modern fit. Volt Heat quickly elevated their style as well, with new colors and better fits. Volt Heat was also one of the first brands to start making gear for specific activities. They started making "work" specific gear like their Volt Heat Work Gloves and their Outfitter Work Shirt.

Once this trend started, everyone involved in the heated apparel category caught up quickly. Brands realized that people wanted to not only be warm but also look cool as heck. There are now brands like ActionHeat and Gobi that have stylish long puffer fur-hooded jackets and softshell casual jackets in fashionable colors.

As more brands come into the market, we are excited to see what comes next!

See below for some of our favorite stylish items;


Our Favorite Fashion Items:

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