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Gerbing Core Heat Back Wrap

Got a sore back? This wrap can help!

I've been using the Gerbing Battery Heated Back Wrap for a few weeks now, and boy howdy am I ever glad I found it.

While Gerbing is best known for decades of 12-volt heated motorcycle apparel that revolutionized winter riding, this 7-volt back wrap is a hidden gem that I'm happy to share with you.

I like to wear my Gerbing Wrap over a thin t-shirt or base layer, with another layer, such as a comfy sweatshirt or outer layer, over the wrap to trap in the soothing heat. The wrap has 5.5-inch wide elastic bands with Velcro brand fasteners spaced evenly, so you get a snug and secure fit. The wrap expands to fit between a 32 and 44+ inch waist while the area of heating is a generous 11" x 8", which easily covers my entire lumbar area. The battery fits into an inconspicuous zippered pocket on the left side, nestled into my waist, and is not noticeable after a few minutes.

I like to wear my Gerbing Back Wrap after yard work these past few weeks, especially after raking leaves. Once the snow starts to fly, the wrap is going to be very useful after a session of shoveling the sidewalk and driveway! I'll admit I've even used to back wrap just hanging around the house, to warm up my core on a cold and rainy weekend. I've found that a warm core helps make my hands and feet feel less chilly.

The battery controls the heat level in 4 settings. 3 LED lights, or 75% power, is adequate for my needs, but it's nice to know that I can still crank up the heat another 25% if needed. I found the heat lasts for 4+ hours at this setting, more than enough time for any tense muscles to relax. The battery charges back up to full in a couple of hours so I'm ready for the next opportunity to use the back wrap again.

The Gerbing Core Heat Back Wrap would also make a great gift for that loved one who is tethered to a chair with a heating pad for their back. Think of the Gerbing Wrap as a portable back heating pad. I'm thrilled with mine, and I am happy to share my review of this nifty heated product with you.

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