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Happy Mother's Day!

Here's to treating that special woman in your life like the queen she is.

Whether Mom is near or far, it can sometimes be a challenge to find the best way to show her the love she deserves. When an in-person visit isn't possible and a phone call doesn't seem enough, a thoughtful gift can brighten up her special day. Here are a few suggestions to let your Mother know that you are thinking about her.

Does your Mom have a green thumb and love to garden? The Kool Breeze Solar Floppy Hat has an extra-wide brim to keep those damaging rays off her face, neck, and shoulders as she works outside in the sun. A tiny but powerful fan located in the crown and powered solely from the sun will keep her brow cool and dry. And the best part is there is nothing to charge or insert! Just let the sunlight fall on the light and convenient solar panel located on the top of the Kool Breeze hat. Instant airflow! Mom will thank you every time she puts on her practical and pretty solar bonnet.

After a long day of planting herbs and flowers, Mom is bound to have some shoulder and neck twinges. She will really appreciate the Original Herbal Neck Wrap that you thoughtfully picked out just for this occasion. The Herbal Neck Wrap can be used as either a moist heat pack for up to an hour of soothing heat, or pop it in the freezer and use the wrap to diminish swelling or reduce the body's temperature. The calming herbs help to promote overall relaxation, relieve tension, and reduce stress. And who couldn't benefit from that?! You know your Mother will love this neck wrap every time she uses it, which will be daily!

Is Raynaud's Syndrome an issue with your Mom? Cold hands can make her life miserable, but the addition of a pair of battery-heated gloves can be an easy solution. I love the fit and feel of the ActionHeat 5 Volt Premium Heated Gloves for Women. They have 3 heat levels, so Mom can really dial in the exact amount of warmth she wants. Throw in a couple of extra batteries, and Mom will have all the heat for additional hours of comfort. Mom can use the ActionHeat Premium Gloves in the freezer section of the grocery store, on a chilly morning walking the dog, or anytime the air-conditioning seems to be set on max. Warm hands, warm heart!

To make up for all those sleepless nights your Mother had, giving her the gift of a great night's sleep is something she will appreciate every day. An Outlast Temperature Regulating Mattress Pad works passively, absorbing your excess body heat and then releasing it back when you have cooled. down. Does your Mother live in a hotter part of the country? Then the Mattress Cooler Pad that circulates chilled water throughout a thin mattress topper pad is the answer. Mom can enjoy sleeping 7 to 12 degrees cooler than the air temperature, all night long!

Still stumped for ideas? I have one word for lighting up Mom's face: flowers. Send some much-needed business to your Mother's locally owned florist by calling them directly and order up a beautiful bouquet to be delivered directly to her door. It's a win-win-win situation: the local florist gets your business, your mom gets lovely, fragrant flowers, and you get bragging rights over your siblings for at least the next year!

Whether your Mother is near or far, take the time to celebrate your love for her this year.

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