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Hit The Slopes and Stay Warm

Ski Gloves

These gloves are considered the best of the best. The finest materials, the hottest heat, and the best battery life. These heated gloves are great for skiers or anyone who demands the best. They tend to cost more but also outperform all other heated glove options and feature premium insulation and waterproof membranes.

Outdoor Research Capstone – A Warming Store Staff favorite. Outdoor Research gloves have a lifetime warranty. The Capstone features premium Primaloft insulation and a waterproof Gore-Tex insert. They are even touchscreen compatible. We find these gloves to be incredibly warm, comfortable, and extremely durable. The Capstone Gloves have a double battery capacity, meaning they last twice as long as other heated gloves. We can’t say enough good things about the Capstone Heated Gloves.

Zanier Aviator GTX – Zanier Aviator also offers double battery capacity, Primaloft insulation, and a Gore-Tex waterproof liner. These gloves were designed for use in the paragliding world, thus the name. As a result, they are not only super warm but also offer reinforced fingers for added strength. Many consider the Zanier Aviator GTX Glove to be the best heated glove ever made.

Seirus Hellfire – Seirus makes some seriously good ski gloves. As good as their standard gloves are, you can expect that the Hellfire Gloves are among the best heated gloves that exist.

Mobile Warming Blizzard – Priced a little bit lower than their higher-end counterparts, the Blizzard Gloves are still awesome. Mobile Warming has been leading the way in heated apparel for years, and these first-rate leather gloves are no different, featuring Mobile Warning’s balanced split cell battery, tough Goatskin leather, and a waterproof membrane. The Blizzard Gloves outperform their price point and will keep your digits warm.

ActionHeat Premium – This 5V USB-powered glove is newer but is already making waves. These gloves have a perfectly balanced fit, not too much bulk or aggressive leather. However, they pump out the heat as well as any of the competitors. If you’re looking for the best balance between price and quality, then the ActionHeat Premium Gloves are the pick of the litter. The Premium Glove utilizes a HiPora membrane, Thinsulate insulation, and a waterproof pocket for the USB rechargeable batteries. This heated glove is ready for hours of outdoor fun.

Ski Socks

Lenz Socks – Lenz makes the absolute finest socks on the market. Lenz socks utilize Bluetooth technology for temperature control in merino wool and silk. These socks are made for the ski market but will work really well for anyone with cold feet. Lenz makes a few models of socks varying in price and materials used.

Heat Sock 6.0 – Lenz's new premium sock is the first on the market that uses super soft merino wool for compression. The 6.0 Lenz Sock is perfect for winter athletes.

Heat Sock 5.0 – The Lenz 5.0 Heated Socks are one of the fastest-selling and highly-ranked heated socks on the market, featuring the only fully heated toe cap (top and bottom) in all of the heated clothing industry.

Heat Sock 4.0 – This is the sock the really revolutionized Lenz brand of quality products. It runs a bit thicker than the other Lenz socks and is constructed out of a synthetic/wool blend.

Hotronic Insoles – Hotronic is a manufacturer of ski boot insoles and heating elements. They have a wide range of products allowing for customizing to your needs.

S4 Universal Insole – Hotronic's boot insole kit is super functional! Got your own insoles already? No worries! Grab their custom kit!

BD Anatomic Insoles – If you already have Hotronic batteries, then these insoles are plug-and-play for heat and anatomic fit.

Therm-ic Insoles – Therm-ic has been the pioneer in ski boot insoles, as well as many other products. Their line of C-Pack Insoles included Bluetooth technology, USB charging, and crazy long battery life. Their 1700 series will heat up to 17 hours between charges. That's insane! Mix and match batteries, insoles, and heating elements!

Keep all your digits safe and warm this ski season, whether you are hitting the slopes or the trails!

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