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Introducing Spring 2023's Most Stylish Heated Clothing Brands

They always say April showers bring May flowers, but one thing they don't mention: Those showers are pretty dang cold.

While some of the country is experiencing an early-spring heat wave at the moment, others find themselves just getting back into the groove of things after Mother Nature ravaged them with spring snow.

With the topsy turvy weather keeping people on their toes, now might be the time to invest in heated gear. Many stores are running end-of-season sales, allowing you to get ahead of next winter while also keeping yourself cozy for these remaining cold spring nights.

Here are a few notable heated clothing brands to keep in mind this season.

ActionHeat Apparel

There may be no better meld of function and fashion on the market than ActionHeat Apparel. The company is renowned for its high-quality design, featuring products that reach 150 degrees Fahrenheit while carrying battery packs that last up to five hours.

In recent years, ActionHeat has also added several small design quirks that make it stand out not only as a heated clothing brand but also as a potential lifestyle star. Its introduction of Ghost Mode, a feature that allows you to flick off the LED light in its logo while maintaining battery power, has been a game changer. An LED light is a staple of many heated clothing brands but could be a turn off to some consumers who don't want a light attached to their chest.

Ghost Mode solves that issue, allowing people to blend in with the crowd while maintaining their core temperature.

Less noticeable to the naked eye but perhaps even more important: ActionHeat also designed a second interior pocket to house its battery pack. No more loose battery packs flopping around in your pocket banging around on your phone; that thing is staying secure and you rarely ever feel it wearing the garments.

That said, ActionHeat's biggest improvement in recent years is the creation of new products to help make them an emerging all-season lifestyle brand. Items ranging from hoodies, to half-zip pullovers, to flannel shirts, to simple base-layer shirts are available in their store and work for nearly all seasons. You're not going to rock a hoodie in 75-degree weather, but throw that half-zip in your car and all the sudden that 20-25-degree nighttime drop doesn't feel so bad.

ActionHeat also has its own line of heated seat cushions and blankets, perfect for campers or parents having to sit through a cold spring sporting event.

Gerbing Heated Clothing

While ActionHeat has emerged as an all-activities juggernaut, Gerbing is the MVP of the motorsports game.

Beloved in the motorcycle community, Gerbing's 12-volt options plug right into your motorcycle's electrical system and provide constant heat for long rides. The company also provides portable 7-volt options for people riding shorter trips or wanting to take their heat with them once they hop off the bike.

Anyone who wants to extend their riding season into winter has likely already heard of—and been wowed—by what Gerbing offers.

One little secret we don't tend to talk about much: It's not a lot of fun to ride in the open air in the spring, either. That 65-degree day that feels beautiful just walking in the park becomes a whole different animal hitting 70mph going down the highway. We're usually well into May or early June before it feels comfortable hopping on the bike and just going without any layer of protection.

Luckily, Gerbing melds the best of both worlds by having stylish jackets that make you forget you ever had leathers. Their products can serve as a heat source on a chilly spring day and keep you looking top of the line once you hop off the bike.

Gobi Heat

Gobi Heat is another top player in the heated clothing world that's becoming an increasingly strong player in the lifestyle market. Their beanies in particular stand out as well-designed and stylish, making them a perfect spring buy for style while maintaining their heated component for winter.

Gobi also has their own line of heated vests and jackets, including a reflective fit that could come in handy for those who do road work or construction.

In addition, Gobi Heat's line of chairs would pair well with ActionHeat seat cushions to provide warmth for camping or outdoor sporting events.

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