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It's Topsy-Turvy Time

We've reached the unsettled weather time of the year.

Will it be hot, cold, rainy, sunny, or snowy today? The answer can sometimes be YES.

What starts as a snow day can quickly turn into a sunny afternoon. A mild morning can become a wind-swept day. This weather temperature teeter-totter sure makes it hard to plan on what to wear for the day! Bundle up in to many thick layers and you can find yourself roasting by lunchtime. Wearing shorts and a tee can set your teeth chattering and make it hard to concentrate through all the shivering. Last week we had both temps in the 70s and snow flurries (on different days, thank goodness).

This is when heated gear can really shine. A thin base layer shirt over your regular t-shirt can provide just the right touch of heat to your upper body while it's chilly, and when the day heats up, turn down the heat setting, or turn it off completely. My hands always seem to be cooler than the rest of me, so lightweight heated gloves hit all the right spots and then easily stow away for future use. I have been know to carry air-activated handwarmers with me on weekend hikes. Pro tip: if you used the handwarmers for only a couple of hours, if you pop them into a recloseable plastic bag with all the air removed, the handwarmers can be used again for the remainder of heating time!

I also like to pop on a hat in the morning when it's still cool outside. A thin hat can be stuffed into a pocket or purse when no longer needed to keep your head warm. I wear a knit beanie probably 9 months out of the year. Best part is that few people know how messy my hair can be! And I htink I've finally put away my heated socks for the season. Few things are worse than frozen toes, and battery heated socks for me have been, if not a lifesaver, certainly a mood saver.

Just like the Boy Scout motto: always be prepared. Adding on a a little bit of heat can still be the answer to a perfect day, no matter the weather.

Stay warm, my friends!

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