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Now That You're Out Walking More...

Be prepared for all types of weather!

Going outside for a walk around your neighborhood is great for your physical health and your mental health. Walking not only burns calories, but it also can boost your immune system and elevate your mood while strengthening your heart and bones. The change of scenery can lower your stress and lower your blood pressure.

A walk in the early morning hours can be invigorating and an opportunity to clear your head before the trials of the day. But it can often still be chilly out! A heated vest keeps your core warm, and convenient pockets let you keep your hands warm. If the temps aren't cold enough to turn on the battery heat, the vest still works as a great mid-layer. Or forego the battery altogether with a warm vest that gets its heat from instant heat warmers! Are your hands still cold? Throw on a pair of lightweight knit gloves that stow away easily as you warm up. I don't know about you, but if my ears get cold, I'm an unhappy walker. A headband with pockets for optional instant warmers does the trick of keeping ears warm. Want to listen to some tunes out on your walk? A headband with BlueTooth speakers is a nifty gadget to have with you while you're out strolling.

A walk in the afternoon or evening can be lovely, as a way to shake off the doldrums and stretch your legs, but it's no fun if it's hot outside. It's easy to beat the heat with a little forethought. A wide-brimmed straw hat with an integrated solar-powered fan will not only keep the sun off your head, neck, and shoulder, but the fan will keep your head cool and dry. Looking to go a less high tech hat? Try a bucket hat that you can dunk into cold water. As the water evaporates, your head is cooled naturally. Polarized sunglasses can help to filter out the sun's harsh rays, while less squinting can alleviate headaches. And a new pair of stylish sunglasses is always a good thing to have for the summer. Like a new bathing suit, but less angst when trying them on. Lastly, a long-sleeved white t-shirt does double-duty: keeps the sun from burning your arms and reflects the sunlight, preventing you from overheating. There are even sun-protective arm sleeves you can pull on if you only have short-sleeved tees available.

Getting outside for some fresh air and a bit of exercise these days is now more important than ever before. So don't let the weather dictate your scheduled activities. Enjoy a nice ramble 'round your neck of the woods every day.

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