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Random Acts of Kindness

Rather than dwell on these troubling times, a look at the good in people can be calming.

A New Jersey family company is paying employees to buy groceries for those in need. Seems like a win-win situation for all those involved.

Distilleries making hand sanitizer and giving it away. In the spirit (ha! love me a good pun) of beer companies bottling water instead of booze in times of natural disasters, the liquor community steps up to do their part.

98-year-old Girl Scout still selling cookies. Ask me about the year I volunteered my mom to be the Cookie Drive Manager. Still love those cookies!

Elderly, blind and deaf dog snatched by hawk. "There I was, minding my own business and suddenly I'm flying!" This doggie truly has a cat's 9 lives.

Canadian buys house stuffed to the rafters. Follow this YouTube series about the rehabilitation of a house filled with 34 tons of belongings. You'll get the itch to start your spring cleaning and be entertained at the same time!

Kittens! Kittens everywhere! Live stream of floofy kittens and their moms. Kitten Academy takes in pregnant cats and orphaned kittens and teaches the kittens how to cat. Adorkable!

This has been a short list of news items and YouTube channels that have touched my heart. When the world turns grim and scary, it's important to remember that there are still good people out there.

Stay Warm, my friends!

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