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Winter Is Coming

Are you ready?

Labor Day is the informal end of summer/beginning of fall, while September 22nd is the official day we transition into autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. We can already see the days getting shorter, and in most areas of the country, temperatures are beginning their downward trend. Now is the perfect time to start preparing for winter's chill!

Warm hat? Check. Warm gloves? Check. Warm feet? Check. Warm bed? Check, check, and double-check. It's easy to forget in the heat of summer and the encroaching dog-days of September that soon Fall's crisp mornings and chilly evenings are near. A quick trip to the grocery store reveals the aisle full of Halloween candy and even a few Thanksgiving decorations peeking out between the ghouls and goblins. Can snow be far behind?

If you've never experienced the gratification of battery-heated warmth, this is the year to splurg on yourself and your loved ones. We'll cover some of the tried-and-true heated products in the next few weeks for your consideration and highlight new heated items that we think will become new favorites. And we'll explain the science behind heated apparel and what goes into their construction.

Don't get caught unprepared! As sure as the earth turns on its axis, cooler temperatures are in store for us. Wearing battery-heated garments and using battery-heated items around the house, in the car, or out-of-doors is the smartest decision you'll ever make!

Stay Warm, my friends.

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1 Comment

Oct 30, 2020

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